Need a home project? How about creating your very own landscape design!

Now, where to start?

From DIY pebble garden pathways to planting the right flowers, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step basic landscape guide that will give your home some serious curb appeal.

1) Start with the hardscaping

Before you begin toiling away in the soil and seeds, decide if you want to undertake any yard construction projects that will require concrete, stones, or wood. Layout a hardscape plan and complete those projects first. 

Some ideas include:

  • Concrete patio
  • Wooden deck
  • Stepping stones
  • Pebble tile flooring
  • Parking spaces
  • Swimming pool
  • Koi pond
  • Pebble mosaic

2) Choose your soil

Once you’ve got your hardscape projects done, it’s time to focus on the greenery of your yard.

Now, don’t fall prey to the convenience of just pouring out bags of chemical fertilizer. You can make the choice to use organic soils, mulches, and compost to nourish your garden.

Not only is this healthier for your plants, but it promotes a healthy local ecosystem right in your yard. 

If you plan on having a container garden, opt for pottery instead of plastic pots to reduce waste. Plus, you can take it one step further by supporting local artisans when you choose ceramic planters.

3) Get planting

Now’s the time to get creative with your garden! 

If you’re wondering what types of plants will make your home stand out, remember that there is a landscape design for everyone- it just depends on what you want!

If you’re not sure, start by establishing your goals. Ultimately, what do you want to do with your garden?

Desert landscaping with cactus

You live in a desert region…

Is dry heat dashing your green garden dreams? It doesn’t have to! You can create a beautiful desert-scape using landscape pebbles, stones, and succulents.

Not only will you save time and money on watering, but you’ll have a unique, one-of-a-kind garden that will turn heads!

You want to grow your own food…

If you are determined to grow your own fruits, herbs, and vegetables at home, choose a spacious area of your yard to build flat or raised garden beds

Follow a seasonal plan and use organic seeds for native produce in your region.

For smaller spaces, consider setting up a vertical garden or containers.

You want low maintenance…

If your aim is to do as little yard work as possible, consider a natural yard that lets mother nature take the reins. 

It might go against the very idea of neat landscape design, but by planting native trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers, you are actually making your yard as healthy and sustainable as possible. 

The perks? You won’t have to worry about pests or using toxic chemicals to maintain your yard. Local wildlife, such as bats and birds, will take care of pesky insects for you.

You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the natural splendor of a mini “wilderness” bursting with life.

Patio furniture design

4) Make it cozy

Do you want to add patio furniture, shade, or an outdoor kitchen? 

Whether you’re looking for functional use, rustic vibes, or vibrancy, once again you’ll want to think about your personal goals for how you plan to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Create a fire pit area and consider investing in a gas-powered fire pit. Not only is it a low maintenance alternative to traditional wood fire pits, but you can choose from hundreds of beautiful fire pit designs and add unique decor like fire glass.
  • Cooldown by planting shrubs and trees close to your patio and house. This will help shade your outdoor living area naturally and also keep your indoor living area cooler. 
  • Cook outdoors with a custom-built outdoor kitchen or BBQ grill. Not only will your family enjoy socializing together with outdoor meals, but you’ll reduce the amount of energy that is used and heat that is produced from indoor kitchen appliances.
  • Build an outdoor shower. This is a fun DIY project that is easier to complete than you might think. Add plants for a jungle effect and pebble tile flooring for a beautiful minimalistic finish.