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Brilliant Ways to Cover Bare Spots on Your Lawn

Can’t bear to see those bare spots popping up on your lawn?

It’s an aesthetic that many home landscapers hope to avoid in order to achieve a yard carpeted in lush, green grass.

Unfortunately, bare spots are one of those blemishes that we all have to deal with at some point. The good news? They definitely aren’t permanent

There are many ways you can get creative to cover up bare spots and never worry about them again. We’ll show you how in this post.

What Causes Bare Spots?

The most common cause of bare spots on the lawn is a lack of sunlight, water or nutrients. Grass is a plant, after all. 

For instance, you might find bare spots cropping up under a shady tree canopy or where ground sloping prevents water from reaching grass.

You can always trim tree branches back to make sure sunlight gets through, but do you really want to sacrifice that beautiful shade?

For sloping, you can even out the ground by packing soil on top, but do you want to embark on such a laborious project?

If not, read on! These aren’t your only options for battling the bare.

A beautiful flower bed

Turn a bare patch into a garden patch

One way to transform a bare patch (and add value to your home) is by turning it into a garden patch. 

Simply create a distinct bed, incorporating the bare patch in the measurements, and get to work by adding the necessary soil, mulch and river rocks for irrigation. 

Whether you want to grow flowers or vegetables, your bare patch will no longer be a problem. Instead, it will become the focal point of your yard that produces fresh food!

Pebbles layered around a tree trunk

Layer river pebbles around tree trunks

If bare patches are visible right around the tree trunk base, you can use river pebbles to cover them right up. 

Now, bear in mind, these aren’t your run of the mill rocks. Landscaping stones are smooth and round, with numerous natural colors to choose from. 

Not only do they hide bare patches, but they also cover exposed tree roots. It leaves your yard looking clean and pristine!

Make a pebble garden pathway

If bare spots are occurring because of high foot traffic in a particular area of the yard, then consider erecting a stylish pebble garden pathway to get rid of the spots and give guests a way to go without trampling your grass.

You can even create a one-of-a-kind garden pebble mosaic that gives your yard a touch of artistic zeal. 

Black pebbles used to make a pathway

Create an activity spot with a stone floor

If you have a troublesome bare patch located in a strategic area of your yard, consider measuring out a sizable section that incorporates the spot and blanket the section with landscaping pebbles

Now, you have an area to use however you wish. Need some ideas? We’ve got you covered.

  • If there are no trees around, place a fire pit and chairs for evening bonfires. Decorate using fire glass.
  • Design an outdoor living area with tasteful chairs, a table, and some potted plants.
  • Pick out a stunning art sculpture to display.
  • Add a birdbath or bird feeder to turn the section into a playground for feathered friends.
  • If you have kids, consider installing a small wooden playhouse or playground.

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