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At Margo Garden Products, we’ve witnessed the incredible evolution of the home and garden industry since our business launched in 1981, and we are honored to be part of that growth. The world’s leading Big Box Retailers have relied on us as their lawn and garden products supplier to keep their shelves amply stocked, so their customers can purchase what they want when they want it. We understand that customer satisfaction is the priority. Your business is successful because you only provide the best for your customers, so at Margo Garden Products, we strive to do the very same for you.

What do you need?
Because, we’re confident that we can supply it- our 99.9% fill rate will attest to that. Multi colored collections of all natural beach pebbles are imported from some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches. Our glass pieces are created through an industry leading manufacturing process to ensure each piece will maintain form and vibrant color. We also provide Soil and Mulch Counsel certified products, 100% natural forest harvested tree products and a beautiful pottery collection to put the finishing touch on any garden masterpiece.

Why Choose Us?

Multiple Shipping Options

With our experience, we’ve learned how to execute the order process with accuracy and timely distribution, no matter how big or small the demand may be. Browse our inventory online or in store and let us take care of the rest; at Margo Garden Products, we offer multiple shipping options to fit your needs and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your order is carried out smoothly.