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Natural Stone Tile

Our pebbles come in a multitude of shades, collected from exotic beaches all over the world. Install pebble tile flooring in your bathroom, kitchen, patio, and more. The feel of smooth stones against feet stimulates the senses with every step, and the subtle raised texture blends seamlessly with any interior/exterior design.

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Decorative Stones, Landscaping Rocks & Pebbles

There’s beauty in simplicity, and that’s exactly what landscaping stones offer for any type of outdoor living area. We have a wide variety of pebbles in all sorts of colors and shapes to complement your exterior design just perfectly. Our exquisite collections are hand-picked from beaches and rivers across the globe, where stones are gently tumbled and weathered until they’re smooth to the touch. Margo Garden Products is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality landscaping pebbles in the US, providing you with the most vivid and diverse selection.

Garden pebbles are easy, low-maintenance, and they last for years. Best of all, they are incredibly versatile. The uses for landscaping stones are many, and the possibilities are endless- just let your creativity flow! They’re fantastic for covering up visible tree roots or for boosting the aesthetic appeal of a flowerbed. Our pebbles arrive at your doorstep in their own bag, ready to go. There’s no prep necessary, just apply them around your yard where needed. It’s really that easy, and you’ll love how unique and natural they look!

Decorative stones are not only beautiful, but they offer several benefits as well! From covering up bare spots in the yard to minimizing weed growth, pebbles are a quick and simple solution to instantly enhance the attractiveness of your outdoor living area without calling in a professional to do it for you. Plus, we have so many stunning colors and patterns to choose from, we are confident you’ll find the perfect stone to create your backyard masterpiece. Elegant, natural, and effortless- you’ll love our collection of natural landscaping pebbles!

The Experts of Self Expression in the Garden

For over 30 years Margo Garden Products has provided top-quality landscape design and maintenance supplies to some of the biggest names in lawn and home retail, with a reach that extends nationwide, to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Browse our massive inventory of organic mulches and soils, hand-picked beach pebbles, and colorful Fire Glass. We strive to offer the most variety, so you can find exactly what you need to bring your landscaping dream to life. Ask us about our pebble tiles, landscaping stones, Fire Glass, and more!

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