Since 1981, Lawn and Garden retail leaders have relied on our products for customers nation-wide.
black fire glass

Impress all with its durability , charm, and decor.

Landscape with all natural white
Caribbean Beach Pebbles

Margo Garden Products' Premium Pebbles provide simple, modern, and stylish
features for your landscape designs

Dazzling Color and Ambiance
Beach pebbles

Hand-picked stones from the most beautiful beaches in the world.

INdoor Or Outdoor

Dragon Glass is tempered to withstand extreme temperatures and richly colored to appeal to all types of indoor and outdoor venues.

Soil-Potting Mix
Potting soils to get your seeds started

A Solution For Interior And Exterior

Pebbles offer a solution for both interior and exterior designs while beautifully accenting outdoor gardens along with indoor planters and more.

A Color For Every Application

Our Fire Glass features will impress all with its durability, charm and decor.

Where To Buy

Lawn and Garden retail leaders have relied on our products for customers nation-wide.

Multiple Packaging Options

5lb pebble packaging
5 lb.
*for selected sizes
20lb pebble packaging
20 lb.
30lb pebble packaging
30 lb.
20 and 30lb bulk pallet pebble packaging
Bulk Pallet
20 & 30 lb. bags
2200lb Super Sack pebble packaging
2200 lb. Super Sack
27.0 Cubic Feet

The Best in Decorative Stones, Landscaping Rocks and Pebbles

For over 30 years Margo Garden Products has provided top quality landscape design and maintenance supplies to some of the biggest names in lawn and home retail, with a reach that extends nationwide, to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Browse our massive inventory of mulches and soils, natural hand-picked beach pebbles, a wide assortment of colorful fire glass rocks, professionally sculpted pottery and contemporary home decor that will bring your botanical paradise to life with resources that are durable, all-natural and aesthetically stunning. Review our services to learn more about our seamless online and in store order process and be sure to consult the Margo Garden Products learning center for prime tips to keep your garden looking its best year round.

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