Summer Landscaping Trends: What’s Hot This Season

As summer 2024 approaches, homeowners and garden enthusiasts are eager to refresh their outdoor spaces after a long winter. This season brings a variety of unique, yet functional landscaping trends that blend beauty and sustainability. Here are our favorite top trends to consider for your summer landscape makeover.

1. Eco-Friendly Landscaping: Cost-Effective and Low-Maintenance


Sustainable gardening has been a major focus in recent years, and that is only going anywhere any time soon.  


Homeowners are incorporating native plants that require less water and maintenance, reducing their environmental footprint. 


Rain gardens and xeriscaping (landscaping that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation) are gaining popularity, as they conserve water and support local wildlife.

2. Outdoor Living Spaces That You’ll Never Want to Leave


Creating functional outdoor living spaces continues to be a hot trend. From outdoor kitchens and dining areas to cozy fire pits and lounging zones, the emphasis is on extending indoor comforts to the outdoors. 


High-quality, weather-resistant furniture, outdoor rugs, and stylish lighting are essential elements that make these spaces inviting and usable throughout the season.


3. Go Vertical


Vertical gardens are perfect for adding greenery to small spaces. These gardens make a big impact with minimal ground space, ideal for urban settings or compact yards. Living walls and trellises covered with climbing plants like ivy, roses, or even vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers are both practical and visually appealing.

4. Bold and Bright Colors


This summer, bold and bright colors are making a statement in landscaping. Vibrant flowers, colorful containers, and striking garden art can add a splash of personality to your outdoor space. 


Think of plants like zinnias, marigolds, and geraniums for intense color, paired with fun, colorful planters, shimmering Fire Glass in fire pits, beautiful garden pebbles, and other decor.

5. Cool and Calm: Water Features


Water features like fountains, ponds, and waterfalls remain popular for their calming effects and ability to enhance garden aesthetics. Modern designs often incorporate natural elements, such as stone and wood, to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. 


Water features can serve as focal points or tranquil background elements, perfect for creating a serene outdoor retreat.

6. Edible Landscaping


Combining beauty and functionality, edible landscaping is a growing trend. Integrating fruit trees, vegetable plants, and herbs into your garden design not only provides fresh produce but also adds variety and texture to your landscape. Raised garden beds, vertical herb gardens, and berry bushes are practical yet attractive options.