Fire glass is one of the easiest ways to add decorative flair to any outdoor living setting. These “jewels” give fire a colorful playground to dance upon, creating an alluring, radiant display that guests love to watch.


Maybe you’ve seen fire glass in a neighbor’s pit or you’re interested in installing fire glass in your own fireplace or outdoor pit. In this post, I’ll discuss how fire glass is made and why it’s a safe, beautiful option for easy decorating. 

What is fire glass?

Green Reflective Fire Glass

Green Reflective Fire Glass


Fire glass is a specially manufactured glass piece that comes in a myriad of colors and textures. It is a versatile design element that can be used in any way to appeal to your decorative taste. Some popular uses for fire glass include:


  • Gas-powered fire pits
  • Indoor or outdoor fireplaces
  • Planters
  • Aquariums
  • Lining walkways
  • Cover exposed tree roots
  • Decorate shelves or furniture

How is fire glass made?


Fire glass is made like regular glass, but the big difference between the two is how it’s cooled. 


During manufacturing, the hot glass is tempered through a special “quenching” process that instantly cools glass using a blast of high-pressure air.


This causes the exterior of the glass to cool much more quickly than the inside, initiating a pull reaction that creates tension and compression. 


This tempers fire glass so that it’s up to 5x stronger than regular glass.

Fire glass is safe for your fire pit or fireplace

This is What Happens When You Use Fire Glass in Your Fire Pit


Because fire glass is cooled and tempered, it is 100% safe to use in a fire. It won’t crack, pop or melt. Instead, it retains its shape and will even radiate the heat of the fire for a dazzling display.

What is the best fire glass for my fire pit?


One awesome characteristic of fire glass is how functional and diverse it is as a decorative element. By pouring a layer of colored glass over your fire pit mound you can tie your outdoor design color scheme together in a unique way.


It doesn’t matter what color or texture glass you go with- you get the same durable, tempered finish and high-performance quality. Just choose what you like! Here are the different types of fire glass.


  • Original fire glass: A flat piece of tempered glass is shattered into hundreds of small pieces. The distinct look of this glass is the flat, glossy sides and naturally rough edges.  
  • Fire glass diamonds: These tempered glass pieces are smoothed and shaped with molds to create triangular, three-dimensional shapes that resemble diamonds.
  • Fire glass beads: Tiny pieces of tempered glass are smoothed and rounded to create uniform glass “droplets” that give a modern, clean-cut look.  
  • Crushed fire glass: Glass is crushed, resulting in organic shapes and sizes for a naturally “broken up” look.