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5 Common Landscaping Annoyances and How to Fix them

No matter how beautifully manicured your backyard looks, there’s always a pesky little problem that can crop up and become an eyesore.

In this post, I’ll talk about 5 of the most common yard annoyances and the best ways to fix them for fast results.

Problem #1: Dead grass

Patches of yellow spotting your yard is not a good look. You’ve got dead grass and that means there are areas of your yard that aren’t getting enough sun.

Solution: Scope out these dead areas and figure out what’s killing the grass. A common culprit is that there is too much shade. If that’s the case, create garden plots that do well in shaded areas, planting different flowers, shrubs, and grasses that will thrive and add more green to your yard. Or, if you have dead grass in areas that are highly trafficked, build a lovely pebble garden pathway using landscape stones.

Problem #2: Mushrooms

You wake up, go outside to grab the newspaper, and something small and white catches your eye. When you scan your yard it doesn’t take long to see the cluster of mushrooms that popped up overnight.

Solution: You could pull them up, but mushrooms have an extensive root system that is difficult to get rid of by a simple pull. Instead, aim to make your yard an undesirable environment for fungi. Check for any drainage issues and remove any type of decaying organic matter, such as lumber or a tree stump. Other ideas include replacing old mulch and aerating your yard.

Cute bunnies sitting on a log

Problem #3: Animals

Bunnies are cute, but boy can they do damage to a veggie patch. Whether you’re dealing with moles, birds, deer, or insects, wildlife can be annoying, but remember- they are a vital part of the local ecosystem.

Solution: Instead of going for any kind of poison pest control, opt for all-natural solutions to keep wildlife at bay. Different animals require different methods, but you can deter them by planting specific plants that act as natural pest deterrents, you can build special fencing or employ smelly sprays that animals don’t like.

Problem #4: Privacy

If you have a small yard or need a bit more privacy from peeking neighbors, you don’t have to jump straight to an expensive fence!

Solution: Add more greenery to your yard by planting a living fence! Work together with a landscape professional to choose from several varieties of bushes and trees. Evergreens and English laurels are popular choices. Bamboo makes a lovely natural fence that is hardy, low maintenance, and fast-growing.

Pebbles layered around a tree trunk

Problem #5: Erosion

It’s a sad day when the roots of your trees and bushes become exposed due to erosion. The good news is that it’s an easy fix with added aesthetic appeal.

Solution: You can protect the topmost soil around the base of your trees and bushes by adding a layer of organic mulch or garden pebbles. Not only will this improve drainage, but it looks attractive and clean.

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