Building a fence in your backyard may seem like a too difficult project that’ll have you calling the professionals, but put your phone down and your wallet away! In fact, building a fence makes a great DIY project by following the necessary steps.

A fence is handy in more ways than just to provide a physical barrier between your property and the neighbor’s. You can get creative to incorporate fencing with any garden project. It takes organization to another level and can improve the aesthetic appeal.

You can build a fence to…

  • Keep chickens safe! If you have your own pet chickens, use chicken wire fencing to create a nice, protective environment for them.
  • Divide your fruits and vegetables! For those of you that grow a bounty of edible plants in your yard, using fences to separate each plot- whether raised or not- is a great way to keep plants organized in order to differentiate one bed from the other.
  • Add decoration! Like with garden statues and fountains, a bit of wooden fence can add a touch of creative design to your landscape. Paint your decorative fence with bright colors or cut interesting shapes if using wood for your fence. You can hang flower pots or even drill holes into the fence posts to plant seeds directly inside, creating a vertical garden.

Get creative with your fencing plans! It’s a wonderful addition to any backyard scheme. If you plan on building a fence on your own, take a look at this step-by-step video to learn the basics.