Backyard chickens

4 Reasons Why Backyard Chickens are Eggcellent!

Every year more and more people are making the decision to fly the coop when it comes to buying eggs at the grocery store, instead opting for their own backyard chickens!

Who doesn’t love a cute, fluffy chicken? It’s about more than just cuteness though. Adding some chickens to your family has several benefits for you and your garden. Here’s why!

Know where your eggs come from

Say goodbye to mystery eggs that come from who knows where laid by chickens fed who knows what. Instead, you know exactly what your chickens eat because you feed them. They also get to roam freely and eat bugs and bits that chickens are naturally supposed to eat. Imagine waking up on Sunday morning to cook a big omelet, skipping into the hen house to collect freshly laid eggs. It beats hopping in the car and running to the store, right?

You get the chance to save some lives

It’s a known fact that slaughterhouse hens are crammed into tiny cages and forced to live in deplorable conditions for their entire lives. Garner some good karma and make a friend for life by adopting a few rescues for your backyard.

Load up on nutrient-rich fertilizer

Who wants free fertilizer for their garden? Chicken manure is touted as being one of the best manures for nurturing an organic, sustainable garden due to its high nutrient content.

Between 5 to 10 chickens should do the trick for producing enough fertilizer to nourish your garden for up to a year!

Say goodbye to pests & weeds

The incredible chicken is the only garden sidekick you need! Seriously, you’ll save money and time with some chickens. They eat pretty much any insect, including those that like to devour juicy plants in your garden. Chickens will spend the day scratching at the ground, unearthing pesky weed seeds and chasing grasshoppers to eat, taking care of your garden with finesse. There is no reason to use pesticides and chemicals!

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