It’s officially chilly, which means it’s time to break out the fire pit! Everyone loves a good ol’ Thanksgiving get together, and cozy-ing up around a crackling fire makes it even better.

Your pit might be a bit dusty and outdated after a year in hibernation. It’s time to spruce it up with quick, trendy makeovers that will have friends clamoring for frequent get togethers- with your fire pit as the main attraction.

Here are 4 of our favorite outdoor design ideas for the 2019 season!

Keep it minimal

You don’t need a bunch of fancy details or bright colors to make your fire pit area stand out. Minimalism is in, making your pit makeover fast and affordable. This is great for an open deck design- add natural tones, such as white, beige and grey furniture and cushions. For your fire pit, jazz it up with black fire glass or stones. When you have a beautiful fire dancing, you don’t need much else to captivate guests!

Save space

If you have a smaller backyard where space is precious, you can create a fire pit setting that also offers storage capabilities. Design a gas powered pit with a flat surface to nix the need for a table. Now, guests can rest their drinks around the fire.

Make it the centerpiece

If you have a fire pit hangout area that seems to be randomly “floating” in your big backyard, you can make it the grand centerpiece by installing a homemade footpath. Use pebbles or stones to quickly lay down a path in minutes. Now, your design has a focal point and your fire pit isn’t lost in all of the space.

Budget friendly decor

You have the fire pit, but are you worried about splurging on outdoor chairs and tables? You don’t have to- and even better, you can still create a stunning design. Floor pillows are a great budget friendly option that gives your outdoor living area a boho, nomadic vibe. String some white lights in the trees or bushes surrounding your fire pit area, and you’ve got a cozy setting that’s easy on the pocketbook.