2019 Christmas Gifts For Garden Lovers

If you’ve got a garden lover in your circle, then what better gift to give than an innovative, earth-friendly garden product they can use on a daily basis?

Check out our list of gift-giving favorites!

1. Fire pit:

A warm fire is something everyone can enjoy together during the cold winter months. Whether you want to build one or find a unique design, a fire pit always adds a nice touch to any backyard living area.

2. Fire glass:

If you’ve got a special someone that already has a gas-powered fire pit and LOVES to use it, consider giving fire glass as a beautiful decorative touch for their favorite pastime.

3. Pottery:

For urban gardeners, quality plant containers are always appreciated. Instead of buying plastic, support local artisans and invest in a couple of timeless handcrafted pottery pieces. It’s durable and one-of-a-kind!

4. Bird bath/house:

This isn’t just for adults, but for kids too! A DIY birdhouse or bath is a thoughtful, creative gift. It also helps to promote a balanced backyard ecosystem by providing native birds with a safe place to roost.

5. Garden Gift Basket:

It’s always thoughtful to make a custom gift basket tailored specifically to the personal taste of a loved one. You can buy small garden tools, seed packets, bird food and all natural soil to give as a gift basket

6. Fish:

Bear with me on this one (this is recommended from personal experience)! So, this is a great idea for someone with a fish pond. Without giving anything away, find out what kind of fish your friend keeps in their pond (for example, Koi fish are popular). Then, head to your local fish supply store or pet shop and purchase a new finned friend!

7. Garden Gear:

You can never go wrong by gifting a new pair of rubber wellies, a sun hat, gloves or an apron. Gardening clothes get dirty fast and endure heaps of wear-and-tear. This is a thoughtful gift that will definitely get used.

8. Backyard Decor:

Small decorative accents make a big difference. Look for patio cushions, bean bag chairs, BBQ equipment, lanterns and hanging string lights that transform a backyard.

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