Do you have a concrete slab for a patio, and you just don’t know what to do with it? It’s either baking in the hot sun during the day, growing mildew that needs regular pressure washing or it has officially become the sore eye in the middle of your beautiful backyard.

It’s time to transform your concrete slab patio into a beautiful and inviting outdoor living area! Here are 4 easy ideas to get you inspired.

Deck dreams

Whenever you look outside and see your concrete slab, are you dreaming of a handsome wooden deck instead? The good news is: it’s possible. You CAN lay decking across concrete. The even better news? It’s easier to execute than it sounds. Here’s how to do it.

Add a fire pit

A fire pit instantly jazzes up any outdoor space, taking the focus off of what’s plain and becoming the dazzling centerpiece. If you have a basic rectangular concrete patio, you can use pavers to add curves or a round area to keep your fire pit. Add fire glass for a bit of bright color and texture to contrast with the concrete.

Throw the shade over a patio

If your patio is uncovered and in the sun, you can get creative with your own shade to make it a comfortable and cool place to relax. Planting trees is a natural and effective option, but there are also plenty of fast fixtures that do the job, such as an umbrella or gazebo. Pergolas are also charming- especially with a thick bushel of jasmine vines draped over the top for extra shade.

Pave it with pebbles

Use natural stones or pebbles to outline your patio, giving it an earthy feel while upgrading the use of textures and improving the overall layout. Add potted plants for a splash of color or set a garden sculpture in with the stones for an artistic touch that is unique and edgy.