We love our sprawling, shady trees! But, when roots become exposed and sunlight can’t reach the ground around the base of the trunk it can lead to barren spots that are both unsightly, and downright annoying.


Homeowners with an affinity for landscaping don’t have to tear their hair out trying to get grass to grow around tree trunks. 


Instead, there are many easy and creative ways to landscape these spots for immediate, satisfying results.


Here are our favorite ways to cover up roots and patches!

1. Create a plant bed


One way to landscape around tree trunks is by creating plant beds. There are some special rules to follow when cultivating the ground around a tree, though. 


For one, avoid layering nutrient-rich soil, as this can cause bark rot. Instead, construct the bed at least 1-2 ft. away from the tree base to avoid smothering the trunk with soil.


Choose plants that thrive in shaded areas, such as ferns, hostas, and coral bells.

2. Don’t forget the mulch


Mulch is an asset when planting at the base of a tree, but like with soil, make sure not to cake too much against the trunk.

Instead, keep 2-3 inches of organic mulch around the tree base. Mulch is important because it will stop the tree roots from quickly gulping up all moisture, giving other plants a chance to satisfy their thirst.

3. Add stones or river pebbles


For a low maintenance alternative to plants or mulch, you can use the best garden pebbles to cover bare spots and exposed roots. All you have to do is lay them out to your liking around the base of the tree.

Garden stones are special because they are collected from beaches and rivers all over the world. They are naturally tumbled for a smooth feel and come in a myriad of gorgeous colors.

It’s a lovely way to make your landscape design stand out from the rest!