We are so accustomed to grass lawns that the idea of a grassless landscape might be hard to grasp, at first.


But grass-free yards do exist, and they happen to offer heaps of benefits that make grass green with envy. Some of these benefits include:


  • Reduced water bill
  • Less chemical runoff (grass yards are a big contributor to this)
  • Drought tolerant
  • Low maintenance (No mow)
  • Money saved on pesticides and fertilizers
  • Unique aesthetic


There’s a lot you can do with a grassless yard. From stones to mulch, it’s a great way to landscape a small yard or even just to stand out from every other house on the block.


Time for a fun DIY landscape project….We’ve got your grassless inspo right here in this post! 

Mondo grass alternative


If you still crave a lush green look, this type of “grass” is actually a perennial that grows in small clumps covering a large area. What’s great about Mondo grass is that it is drought-resistant and doesn’t require mowing. It’ll stay in the same little clump shape year-round.

Native grass alternative


If reducing your carbon footprint is a priority, then the yard is a great place to start. While traditional grass yards are not very eco friendly, you can plant native grass to get a green, low maintenance yard that boosts your local ecosystem. You don’t have to worry about using fertilizers or extra irrigation since native grass is adapted to your region.

Landscaping stones alternative


This is a creative grass alternative that works especially well in desert regions. Garden pebbles or landscaping stones come in all shapes and colors to coordinate with any landscape vision. Stones are easy to install, you can create walkways and defined beds or even use them to cover unsightly tree roots. Cover your entire yard with pebbles and add desert plants, like cacti and succulents.

Mulch alternative


If you have a smaller yard, organic mulch is a nice way to section off a sitting area. You can mix it up too, using mulch in some areas and pebbles for walkways. Fill in the gaps by planting drought-resistant flowers and shrubs for an English garden style yard.

Fake grass alternative


Can’t shake that lush, green dream? No problem- why not try fake grass? It’s easy to install, improves overall drainage, and doesn’t require any fertilizer, pesticides, irrigation, or mowing. You get to have the greenest lawn year-round without having to lift a finger!