We’re all trying to be a little more eco friendly in the garden these days, and the best news is that it isn’t that difficult to accomplish.

No, you definitely don’t need to tear up your yard and do a full landscape revamp to be the master of sustainability.

Instead, you can start small. 

Here’s a little secret: switch your garden products

It might sound obvious, but by being informed when it comes to choosing the best garden products, you can make a huge impact on the overall green-ness of your yard.

Always read the labels, ingredients, and manufacturing details on your garden products to ensure you’re making the most informed decision on your choice. 

Check out our roundup of the best eco friendly garden products that are fast, easy, and affordable.

Gas powered fire pit set up outdoors

The benefits of a gas-powered fire pit

If you love blazing bonfires, then this is a worthwhile product to invest in where you see long term economic benefits. 

Propane gas is clean burning

Going with gas instead of traditional burning logs cuts down on a huge mess of toxic greenhouse emissions that is safer for your family’s health and the environment.

Propane gas vs. wood logs

No more chopping or refilling wood! Plus, wood is a natural resource that we should be focusing on saving. 

After all, we use plenty of paper already, am I right?

Gas is easy to set up, with minimal cleanup required. You won’t waste time sweeping up charred wood remains or breathing in ash.

Is a gas leak dangerous?

Always follow the safety guidelines outlined for handling gas leaks. 

Otherwise, propane gas doesn’t spill or pool, making outdoor tank leaks harmless for your soil and water.

Propane gas is not considered to be a greenhouse gas and is one of the cleanest, simplest hydrocarbons on the planet.

Black fertile soil

How to find the best organic soils and fertilizers

Pesticides and chemicals are one of the most toxic products used in gardens to keep bugs away. 

Luckily, you don’t need to rely on these outdated methods in 2020.

With a little bit of research, you can easily find organic soils and fertilizers that are packed with natural minerals and nutrients to keep plants healthy. 

As well, there are plenty of gardening techniques to help ward off pesky insects.

  • Try growing “buddy” plants together, where a certain plant will discourage pests from coming near.
  • Types of plants and natural oils can be used to keep mosquitoes away.
  • Backyard chickens will spend their days eating pests.
  • Bats love to eat mosquitos! You can learn how to build a bat house here.

Powerhouse garden pebbles for decoration

Whether you want to add a minimalistic decoration to your indoor or outdoor design or spruce up your container garden, one of the most versatile top garden products is natural stones. 

Best of all, decorative pebbles have several eco friendly benefits.

Walking path made of pebbles

River rocks promote drainage

Round and smooth, decorative pebbles will never pack tightly together or block water from being able to drain. 

Instead, when it rains, the rocks filter through without pooling or flooding, feeding back into the soil. It’s natural irrigation without having to run the sprinklers!

Rocks are just that: pure, natural river rocks collected from beaches and rivers all over the world! That means no chemicals, plastics or funky materials are used for manufacturing.

Landscape pebbles support healthy plants

As well, natural stones prevent erosion. You can use them to line walkways, vegetable beds and plant containers to protect root systems from being exposed after a thorough watering.

And, remember those pesticides we mentioned? Pebbles are a natural remedy against weeds. Instead of using toxic weed killers, pebbles stop weed seeds from spreading or taking root.