A garden pond is a beautiful way to enhance the overall aesthetic of your yard. It also gives your local ecosystem a healthy boost by providing wildlife like birds and critters with a place to bathe or get a drink. You can add a number of unique plants that will naturally filter the water, and also fish, like Koi, will gobble up mosquito larva without you having to spray your yard with chemicals.

Landscaping pebbles are an excellent addition to any pond. They are affordable, easy to install and last a lifetime. Plus, they look great! Smooth and natural, they are collected from beaches all over the world and come in a variety of colors/patterns. You’d be surprised by the number of benefits they offer, too!

Pebbles help keep your pond clean

Some landscapers think that pebbles are difficult to maintain, but it’s actually the opposite. Install round, 1-inch stones on the bottom of your pond to trap sediment and prevent it from rising to the surface and spreading around.

Stones also facilitate the growth of certain bacteria types that help to dissolve waste, resulting in fresher water.

Pebbles hold down objects

Just like how we use paperweights to hold down documents on a desk, river stones play an important role in holding down objects in your pond. Most backyard ponds have a liner at the bottom, and pebbles can be layered on top to cover it from view and help keep it firmly in place.

Pebbles are also useful for anchoring water plants and larger rocks for decoration.

Fish love pebbles!

If you’re planning on adding fish to your pond, they are going to need some solid structures that allow them to rest or hide. That’s where pebbles come in handy! It’s the most natural material you can use to give your fish friends a habitat that allows them to feel safe and comfortable.