2020 Christmas Garden Gift Ideas for Everyone in the Family

It’s been a long year, but the holidays are finally here with all of the cheer to make up for it. If there are a few key facts to take away from 2020, it’s that we’ve spent more time at home, enjoying the backyard, or exploring new hobbies, such as gardening. 

So this year, why not give the gift of green for Christmas? Green as in garden products that encourage loved ones to connect with nature right in the comfort of home. 

Whether it’s a meaningful, inspiring, or a landscaping project, when it comes to getting outside, there’s definitely something for everyone! 

We’ve got a solid list of 2020 Christmas garden gift ideas for you right here.

Mom will love these handcrafted ceramic pots

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on yet another fancy new kitchen gadget for mom this year. 

Instead, consider a gift that supports local artists by giving her a beautiful hand-made planter.

These clay pots are curated by artisans who have made their passion their life work.

Each piece is unique, manufactured from naturally sourced materials.

Pro Tip: Take your gift-giving one step further by planting your loved one’s favorite plant in the new pot and adorning it with a meaningful trinket for decoration.

Dad’s jaw will drop at a new gas-powered fire pit

A fire pit is always a good idea! Make it easy for your pops to enjoy the glow of a fire this Christmas without the mess and stress. 

Gas-powered fire pits are instant, and they burn clean without the stinky smoke.

There are many beautiful designs to choose from, with some pits that double as patio furniture to coordinate with the overall backyard design. 

You can check out some great fire pit designs here.

Pro Tip: add a stylish, decorative touch by layering Fire Glass on top of the pit. There are loads of shimmery colors and textures to choose from. 

Painted garden pebbles make great stocking stuffers

You’ve got your Christmas shopping done, but then it suddenly hits you- the stockings

Get personal with those you care about by gifting them with a hand-painted garden pebble. 

From doodles to inspirational words/quotes, there’s no limit to creativity! Not only is this project an easy DIY, but it’s budget-friendly and a clever way to use up that leftover bag of landscaping stones in the shed. Where can you find quality garden pebbles? Right here.

A basket of painted garden pebbles

Assemble a beautiful gardening gift basket

One way to give the gardener in your life a bit of variety is to assemble a beautiful gardening basket filled with garden products they’ll love. 

Best of all, you can put your own personal spin on it, which makes it even more thoughtful. Some items to consider include gardening gloves, hand tools, seed packets, organic soil, seashells, stones or figurines for planters, etc.

Build a birdhouse or birdbath

Feeling crafty? Why not build a custom birdhouse or a birdbath for that friend or family member that is always in the backyard! 

There are plenty of different designs to choose from or come up with your own. Here is an easy DIY tutorial for a cute little birdhouse:



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