Garden Product Sales Services and Shipping

To us, creating an alluring garden is more than just planting flowers and sprinkling mulch. Success and satisfaction is interwoven into the most intricate details of our business, from the origins and processing of the products to keeping up with ever-changing technical advancements in modern distribution. We specialize in distribution all the way to the shelf and take pride in our industry best 99.9% fill rate. When our customers call in orders we deliver always when needed most with acute accuracy in product quality and timely distribution.

Recently we took our business to the world-wide web, but not without guaranteeing an online shopping experience unlike any other. The Margo.COM division utilizes creative formulas to successfuly launch new product lines. How do we know it’s successful? Because we have put our ideas to the test to see what works and what doesn’t. Our esteemed partnerships with some of the largest parcel carriers in the world along with a meticulous order and distribution process allows us to launch your products on the internet with ease, while leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


With our experience, we’ve learned how to execute the order process with accuracy and timely distribution, no matter how big or small the demand may be. Browse our inventory online or in store and let us take care of the rest; at Margo Garden Products, we offer multiple shipping options to fit your needs and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your order is carried out smoothly.

5 lb.

20 lb.

30 lb.

Bulk Pallet 20 & 30lb. bags

2200 lb. Super Sack 27.0 cubic feet