Margo Garden Products Landscape Fire Glass is ideal for all indoor and outdoor decorating needs, including yards and propane/natural gas fire appliances. All glass is tumbled to produce smooth edges for landscaping while also tempered to withstand high temperatures. These glass pieces are created through an industry leading manufacturing process to ensure each piece will maintain form and color for years to come. The glass comes in a reusable bag that makes application and storage a breeze. Get creative and use decorative tumbled glass for fire pits, landscapes, aquariums, floral arrangements, water features, and to embed in decorative mosaics and stone works to impress all. Half-inch landscape glass is recommended over quarter-inch landscape glass for gas powered fire applications. Landscape Glass is not recommended material for use in fire places.

  • Glass will not melt, degrade or produce toxic fumes
  • Decorative Tumbled Glass
  • Produces more heat than fake logs