Red Lava Pebbles are uniquely formed when hot lava emitted from an active volcano meets the ocean and hardens upon contact. The pebbles are gathered from the lava fields in Indonesia and tumbled to create a consistent shape and size. Lava pebbles can be used in natural gas or propane fire applications and unlike other lava rock or cinder rock on the market, lava pebbles will not crumble or break down in size.

Revive your garden with our Pebbles

  • Pebble size 1/2″ – 1 1/2″
  • Sourced from lava fields
  • Tumbled to create a more uniform shape and unique look
  • Used in natural gas or propane fire pit applications
  • Pebble calculator: rectangular fireplace/fire pit, (length x width x height) / 21 = pebbles (lbs.), round fireplace/fire pit-(diameter x diameter x pebble height) / 26 = pebbles (lbs.)