Margo Garden Products Super Polished River Pebble collection offers the best that Mother Nature has to offer. The beauty of our pebbles is all about the process. We hand-pick stones from around the world, then gently tumble them for a smooth, rounded finish. Finally, we apply a polish that accentuates the rich color and unique patterns of each stone. These pebbles come equipped with a specially designed bag that makes application and storage mess-free. Use Super Polished River Pebbles in residential or commercial spaces to express your creativity. Perfect for indoor and outdoor design, use them for rockscapes, in planters, along walkways, as decorative accents, and in creative landscaping. The Super Polished finish is durable but will wear over time due to exposure in outdoor environment conditions.

Revive your garden with our Pebbles

  • Easy to accent
  • Consistent and durable
  • Helps soil retain moisture
  • Prevents erosion