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Your trusted source for bulk order river pebbles, mulches, and topsoil in Jacksonville, FL.

Top Quality Garden Center Supplies at Unbeatable Prices

When you need fast and efficient service to stock your shelves with the finest garden supplies in Jacksonville, FL, Margo Garden Products is nationally recognized by Big Box Brands for providing a unique and varied selection of stones, soils, and organic mulches. From rock yards and garden centers to landscape companies, our reputation for upholding a 99.9% fill rate is why businesses rely on us for quality products that keep their customers coming back for more.

Hand-Selected by Garden Lovers to Help Your Business Grow

Margo Garden Products in Jacksonville, FL is the largest importer of premium pebbles in the nation, as we strive to bring our customers the most diverse and stunning selection. Our Jacksonville-based facility receives over 100 weekly shipments of stones, sourced from exotic locations all over the world. Take your pick from a multitude of colors, patterns, and sizes. Bulk orders are fast, easy, and comprehensively priced to enhance your shopping experience. A few of our top selling products include:
  • Bulk Black Polished Pebbles
  • Grey Mexican Beach Pebbles
  • Caribbean White Pebbles
  • Mixed Gravels
  • Bagged Mulch

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