7 Best Water Features for Your Summer Landscape Design

Water features can transform a garden into a serene and inviting space, especially during the hot summer months. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape but also provide a cool area to escape the heat. Here are the 7 best water features to consider for your summer landscape design.

1. Classic Garden Ponds


A garden pond is a timeless water feature that can serve as the focal point of your landscape. Ponds can be customized to fit various sizes and shapes, and you can add aquatic plants, fish, and decorative river rocks to enhance their beauty. In fact, rocks are more than just a pretty sight. They make ponds low-maintenance and are easy to install so your pond is pumping in no time. 


Pro Tip: Order landscaping stones in bulk to save on time and money!


2. The Versatile Appeal of a Fountain


Fountains are versatile and come in a variety of styles, from grand-tiered structures to modern minimalist designs. They can be placed in the center of a garden, by the patio, or even integrated into a pond. The continuous flow of water from a fountain not only adds visual interest but also helps to cool the surrounding area.

3. A Tranquil Waterfall Begging to be Chased

Adding a waterfall to your garden can create a stunning visual and auditory effect. Whether it’s a standalone feature or part of a pond, a waterfall introduces dynamic flow and relaxing sounds that might just make you want to cross your feet, close your eyes, and hum “Ommm”. You can choose natural stone for a rustic look or sleek materials for a more contemporary feel.

4. Invite Wildlife with a Birdbath


A birdbath is a simple yet delightful water feature that attracts birds to your garden, bringing life and movement to your outdoor space. Birdbaths come in various designs, from classic pedestal styles to more artistic and modern versions. They are easy to maintain and provide hydration to animals when the temperatures are scorching.


6. Relaxing Reflecting Pools


Reflecting pools are shallow bodies of water that provide a mirror-like surface, creating a serene and contemplative environment. They are often surrounded by minimalist landscaping, allowing the water to reflect the sky and surrounding plants. Reflecting pools are sophisticated, unique, and totally zen.

7. Natural Swimming Pool


One of the coolest water features we’ve seen is natural swimming pools. These design masterpieces are at the height of sustainable landscaping, that is if you want a plunge pool or full-fledged swimming pool in your backyard. It utilizes the symbiotic relationship between plants, the sun, and freshwater to continuously filter out the bad stuff, maintaining a pristine swimming pool that balks at chlorine.