Our Guide to Choosing the Best Landscaping Supplies for Your Next Project

DIY landscaping is hard, yet fulfilling work that allows you to transform your outdoor space exactly how you see fit. 


Whether you’re embarking on a small backyard garden project or planning a large-scale landscaping overhaul, selecting the right landscaping supplies is crucial to achieving your desired results. 


In this guide, we’ll share our expertise on what to consider when choosing the best supplies for your next big project.

Define Your Project Goals


Start by clarifying your project goals and vision. Are you aiming for a low-maintenance garden, a vibrant flower bed, or a sustainable landscape design? Understanding your objectives will help you prioritize the types of landscaping supplies you’ll need.

Assess Your Space


How big is the area you plan to revitalize? Take stock of your outdoor space’s size, layout, soil type, and sun exposure. This assessment will influence your choice of plants, mulch, soil amendments, and hardscaping materials.

Choose Quality Plants Suited for Your Region

Selecting healthy, high-quality plants is essential for a thriving landscape. Consider factors like plant hardiness, water requirements, sun tolerance, and mature size to ensure compatibility with your garden’s conditions.


One trick to keeping your landscape low-maintenance and budget-friendly is to stick with native plants and grasses. These varieties are already well-adapted to the region and tend to thrive on their own.

Invest in Quality Soil and Mulch


Good soil is the foundation of a successful garden. Choose nutrient-rich soil amendments and organic mulch to promote healthy plant growth, improve soil structure, retain moisture, and suppress weeds.

Hardscaping Materials


For pathways, patios, retaining walls, and other hardscape features, choose durable materials that complement your landscape’s aesthetic and functional needs. Options include natural stones, pavers, gravel, and concrete.

Watering and Irrigation Needs

Efficient watering and irrigation systems are essential for maintaining a lush and healthy landscape. Choose irrigation supplies such as drip lines, soaker hoses, and sprinkler systems that suit your garden’s size and watering requirements.

Factor in Maintenance


Evaluate the maintenance needs of the landscaping supplies you choose. Opt for low-maintenance plants, mulch that requires minimal replenishment, and hardscaping materials that are easy to clean and maintain.


Ordering garden supplies in bulk is a cost-effective way to cut down on frequent trips to the garden center.