Autumn Landscaping with Native Plants & Wildlife in Mind

Autumn ushers in a season of natural beauty in our landscapes. It also marks a big seasonal transition for wildlife, as they also prepare for the cooler weather and upcoming winter months. 


If you’re an eco-conscious gardener, you might be looking for ways to enhance your landscaping for beauty and practicality. 


Consider incorporating native plants into your fall garden. Not only do native plants enhance the fall aesthetic, but they also play a vital role in supporting local wildlife. 


In this blog, we explore the benefits of using native plants and wildlife-friendly landscaping practices for a breathtaking autumn garden.

Why Choose Native Plants for Your Autumn Landscape?


Native plants are well-suited to your region’s climate, soil, and rainfall patterns. Therefore, they are hardy and thrive easily, typically requiring less water, maintenance, and fewer chemical pesticides or fertilizer. 

In fact, native plants play a vital role in bolstering the ecosystem, whether through pollination, providing food and habitats for native wildlife, or balancing pest populations.


Native plants tend to be more resilient and less prone to diseases and pests. This means a healthier, hardier garden that’s better equipped to handle the changing seasons.

Top Tips to Landscape with Native Plants in Autumn


Select a wide variety of native plants that bloom in the fall. This creates a more diverse habitat that attracts a broader range of wildlife. 


Goldenrods, asters, and purple coneflowers are excellent choices that provide a late-season nectar source for pollinators. Native shrubs like viburnums and serviceberries produce fruits that attract birds, filling them up for the long winter.


Ditch the long hours raking and leave a portion of fallen leaves in your garden. They act as natural mulch and provide shelter for beneficial insects and amphibians.


Install a birdbath or natural pond to offer drinking and bathing opportunities for birds and other wildlife. Birdhouses and bat houses are easy to construct, giving them a home and giving you the best defense against pests.

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