How to Prep Your Patio for Chilly Fall Weather

That spectacular autumn crispness is in the air, meaning it’s time to get outside more now that the summer heat is subsiding.


A good place to start is by transitioning your outdoor haven into a cozy retreat makes connecting with nature a pleasure. There are tons of great design ideas to inspire you, and we’re happy to spark your creativity with a quick guide on how to transform your patio into a warm and inviting space perfect for fall relaxation.


Warm, Plush Seating 


Upgrade your patio seating with plush cushions, throws, and soft blankets. This beckons guests outside, even when the first dose of cool weather hits.  


Look for earthy tones and warm textures that will not only keep you comfortable but also infuse your space with autumn’s cozy vibes.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match seating styles. For example, it’s always fun to add a soft XL patio rug with floor seating that includes big, puffy pillows and a low table for tea-time entertaining.

Add a Gas-Powered Fire Pit


Nothing screams “fall” quite like a crackling fire. Make your outdoor living area the place to socialize with a beautiful gas-powered fire pit. 


There are so many styles to choose from, whether you want a small pit accompanied by natural-looking stones or one that can serve as a table when not in use.


Gas-powered pits also offer plenty of benefits. They are low-maintenance, clean-burning, and functional.

Elegant Lighting That Sets the Tone


Illuminate your patio with an enchanting blend of lighting sources for those evening get-togethers. 


String lights, lanterns, and candles provide a soft, intimate glow that’s perfect for fall nights. Line a garden-pebble pathway with solar lights or illuminate ornate garden beds with lights to show off your green thumb even under the stars.

Get Into the Mood With Fall-Themed Decor

Swap out summer decor for autumn-themed elements that make you feel warm and cozy inside. 


You know the drill: Break out the pumpkins, wreaths, and cozy textiles like plaid or burlap to add a touch of seasonal charm to your patio.


Even your potted plants can go along with the fall theme. Research flowers and plant varieties that thrive in the cooler months, then add them to decorative pots that can be placed on patio steps, clipped to balconies, or on table tops as a centerpiece.

Remember, you can also do a lot with pine cones, acorns, and landscaping stones when it comes to DIY projects. 

Get Your Patio Furniture Ready for the Changing Weather


Keep your outdoor furniture safe from the elements with weather-resistant covers. This simple step extends the life of your furniture and ensures it’s ready for use once spring returns.

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