How to Prevent Runoff Issues in Your Garden

What is runoff? This occurs when rain water is not able to soak into the ground and instead, pools around structures. This tends to happen when the ground has a flat, hardened surface, such as concrete. 

This can be detrimental to plants in your garden or even cause damage to building foundations over time.

However, runoff can be prevented with a landscaping plan. In this post, we share effective ways to do this.

Gravel Trenches

One of the best ways to thwart runoff is to dig trenches on the edge of impervious surfaces. Fill these trenches with gravel or small pebbles. The trenches catch water runoff, and the gravel allows the water to seep down into the ground without collecting.

Natural Lawn

There’s a new trend emerging that will hopefully stay put! More and more homeowners are opting for native plants in their yards as opposed to picture-perfect grass lawns. 

This is a low-maintenance way to reduce runoff because mother nature takes care of the prevention. Native plants have extensive root systems that are well-adapted to local soil. 

This allows for better absorption of water that replenishes the soil and distributes moisture evenly throughout the ground.

Reduce Soil Exposure

Another way to tackle runoff issues is to cover areas of your yard where the soil is exposed. Soil easily erodes, which can be harmful to plants. 

Try blanketing soil with a 5-10 cm thick layer of organic material, such as compost, mulch, or landscaping stones. This prevents pooling, distributes moisture between plants, and keeps the soil nutrient-rich.

Maintain Trees

Black dirt and red mulch background

If you have trees in your yard, don’t chop them down. If you don’t have any trees, you might want to consider adding them as you plan your landscape.

Tree root systems are a natural barrier against runoff, boosting the strength of the soil in your yard. The tree canopy also plays a role, slowing down rainwater to allow it to seep into the ground without pooling.

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