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The Best Garden Supplies to Buy in Bulk

If you have a large landscaping project to complete, sometimes it just makes sense to order bulk garden supplies. 

Ordering in bulk means you can place an order with your garden center to have certain landscaping supplies delivered to your home in large quantities, often at reduced prices.

This is a great way to save money and time, as it sure beats lumbering back and forth with heavy bags.

If ordering in bulk, it’s important to ask how much you must order for it to be considered a bulk order and whether it can be delivered or loaded into your flatbed truck. Make sure you have a spacious area in your yard to dump the material and cover it with a tarp to protect the freshness.

What Are the Best Bulk Order Garden Supplies?

Pile of small rocks on white background

Of course, not everything at the garden center can be ordered in bulk, however, if you’re undertaking a large gardening or landscaping project that requires ample ground cover and plant resources, this is where bulk products come in handy.


Ask about the different types of soil offered at your local garden center, as this is one thing you’ll need a lot of if you are redesigning flower beds, vegetable plots, or laying down grass. You can also ask about topsoil and compost.


Another beneficial garden material to consider is mulch. If you plan on using it to cover the roots of trees or to protect the top layer of soil in your plant beds, then it’s best to order a mulch in bulk. Bear in mind that fresh mulch contains organic elements that must be protected from the sun, so a tarp should be used to cover the pile.

Landscaping Stones

Finally, you can order stones and rocks in bulk for delivery, as the bags tend to be heavy for obvious reasons. Garden pebbles are used for a variety of projects, but you’ll need a ton of them if you’re building a garden pond, creating walkways, building a driveway, or using it as the flooring for an outdoor sitting area.

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