Landscape Design Ideas with Grey Mexican Beach Pebbles

Landscaping is a great way to be outdoors and let your creativity flow. There is an abundance of garden supplies that serve multi-purposes, such as benefiting plant health while also boosting the aesthetics of your yard.

Pebbles are one such material that steals the spotlight. They’re naturally sourced, durable, long-lasting, and easy to install. They can also be used for almost any type of project.

Best of all, pebbles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can come up with so many color schemes that make your landscape pop!

One of our popular colors is the Grey Mexican Beach Pebbles. This unpolished, smooth small/medium stone comes in delightful dark to light grey hues that make it a versatile choice for any type of garden project.

We give you some ideas on how to use this dashing pebble in our blog post.

Walkways and Edging

Stone edging along a driveway

Grey is the perfect neutral to use for garden pathways and edging. Think about using it to line a swimming pool or driveway. It’s subtle, yet lends texture that gets noticed. It’s also a nice base contrast against a lighter stepping stone for walkways.

For Containers and Fire Pits

Another great use for these darker landscaping stones is to cover containers. For example, a few stones layered on top of large plant containers conceal soil for a cleaner look. Stones also help with drainage, slowing down water seeping into the soil for more evenly distributed moisture.

If you have a gas-powered fire pit, stones are a nice contemporary and unique addition to hide the mechanical parts of the pit. It also creates a lovely fire show since the flames dance upon the stones.

Garden Ponds

Landscaping stones are the perfect way to make your garden pond look as natural as possible. It also adds what we like to call the “Zen effect”. 

Many different-sized rocks, gravel, and pebbles can be used for your pond, but grey pebbles are wonderful for lining the pond to create a smooth transition from water to land. These are beach pebbles, so they can be layered on the shore with plants and larger boulders incorporated into the mix.


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