Easy Ways to Create Accents That Transform Your Garden

Sometimes a garden doesn’t need a laborious, expensive makeover to turn heads. By focusing on the little details, such as accents, you can have your garden looking completely different and refreshed without much effort.

If you’re short on time and on a budget, we’ve got some easy-peasy ideas to get you outside into the sunshine, transforming your landscape into a springtime paradise.

Using pebbles to accent landscape elements

One of the best ways to landscape efficiently is by using natural stones. These smooth, round rocks come in bags that make the application process a cinch. Plus, there are tons of beautiful, earthy colors to choose from. 

Garden pebbles are also versatile, so you can find numerous ways to incorporate them into your design. Caribbean Beach Pebbles are a neutral color that looks great when used to cover exposed tree roots or to edge a pool or driveway. 

Gravel layered over plant beds not only creates a clean aesthetic but also promotes drainage and insulates plants.

Beautiful terrace or balcony with cozy rattan armchair and candles on small iron table

Accenting a small space

You might wonder how you can spruce up a small bare backyard or even a concrete slab patio. Container plants add instant natural beauty, I mean, you can’t go wrong with plants, right?

Place your container plants in decorative ceramic pots. You can add a layer of pea gravel of the landscaping stones of your choice on top of the soil to make your potted plants look elegant and cohesive.

Minimal Decor

Sometimes all you need is a few decorative elements to make your garden a dreamy wonderland. It’s easy to hang fairy lights or a few lanterns in the trees for evening entertaining. 

You can also make a small sitting or picnic area under a tree by layering garden pebbles to define a space where you can add furniture.

If you don’t have a lot of money for patio furniture, a couple of wooden pallets go a long way and can be used to make tables or even a daybed.


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