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3 Benefits of Buying Gravel in Bulk

Landscaping is no walk in the park. If you’re planning on revamping your front or backyard, there’s much to consider, from the types of materials that look and function the best based on your environment, your design scheme, and the number of materials needed.

Gravel is a landscaper’s favorite because it’s low maintenance and easy to apply. If you’re only looking to cover a small area of your yard, a regular bag is probably fine. However, if you are tackling your entire property, there are advantages to buying bulk gravel instead of multiple bags. 

In this blog post, we share all of the top reasons why landscape pros order in bulk. Let’s dive in!

Bulk Gravel is Cost-Effective

If you’re going to need a heap of gravel, but don’t want to break the bank, bulk is the way to save. You cut out the middleman by going straight to the supplier, making the overall transaction cheaper for you as the consumer.

Ordering in Bulk Saves Time

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Smart landscapers know that buying gravel in bulk means fewer trips to the store. Imagine having to plan transportation, carting heavy bags of gravel back and forth, wondering if you have enough material. It’s just not efficient! Ordering bulk means less waiting around.

Gravel is Easy to Install

We mentioned earlier that gravel is low-maintenance and the installation process isn’t difficult. Once your bulk order of gravel arrives, just dump it in the respective areas and evenly distribute it with a shovel or rake. That’s all it takes! And, gravel lasts for years.

The extra layer not only looks attractive in a garden, but it provides a protective layer for soil that weeds can’t breach. Gravel also holds in warmth for plants during those chilly winter days and when it’s hot, it holds in moisture to keep plants hydrated. 


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