Picturesque backyard farm garden with small pond and patio area

5 Ideas to Create Unique Landscape Art

The backyard should be your personal place of tranquillity, but perhaps it’s been looking a bit bland lately. Fortunately, a yard is a blank canvas, providing numerous opportunities to let your green creative expression flow.

If you need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered with 5 landscaping ideas that are unique, functional, and beautiful.

Make it Easy With River Rocks

One of the easiest ways to immediately transform your garden is with landscaping stones. They are low maintenance and add a contemporary look with differing colors, patterns, and textures. 

It breaks up the monotonous green and creates cohesive transitions between flowerbeds, fencing, and sitting areas. For example, use Rain Forest Black Polished Pebbles to build an easy garden pathway for high-trafficked areas.

Build a Pond

Rain Forest Grey Mexican Beach Pebbles

Nothing shakes up a drab yard more than building a neat little pond to turn heads. This makes the perfect all-natural centerpiece. 

You can add special water plants that filter the water for an effortless clean, and introduce some fishy friends to keep mosquitoes at bay. Line the pond with pebbles or gravel, or even fancy it up with a fountain.

Ground Level Deck

You won’t believe the number of benefits a ground-level deck offers besides sprucing up empty space. Not only does it create outdoor living areas for relaxing, entertaining, or cooking, but it also increases property value and leaves you with less vegetation to maintain. 

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Turn a boring backyard into a multi-purpose outdoor mecca by growing your own food! Replace bare patches with raised garden beds, incorporate vertical gardens, or clear away ground cover to make way for vegetable seeds. 

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Enjoy dinner with Mother Nature by building an outdoor kitchen! This has become a backyard trend in recent years, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

You can create a space dedicated to cooking outside, complete with weather-proof appliances that allow you to become a chef without having to run inside for everything you need.

You can even build an outdoor fireplace or wood oven for baking up the best homemade pizza.

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