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4 Ways to get Creative With Patio Shade

We all want to be outside in the summertime, but it also reminds us of how scorching the sun can be, which isn’t so fun when you’re trying to enjoy your patio.

However, all you need is a little bit of shade to instantly cool down any outdoor space. You might think that it’s expensive to add a cover, but there are more ways than one to get the job done. In this post, we show you some of our favorite shade tactics that are affordable, DIY, and look fantastic!

Portable umbrella

This is the simplest way to grab some much-needed shade, but it’s best suited for a small patio space or a balcony. Another plus is that these umbrellas are portable, so you can move them wherever your heart desires and fold them up for storage when fall and winter roll around.


Pergolas are easy to install, although this may not be the most budget-friendly option depending on how ornate or heavy-duty you want your pergola to be. However, this is a minimal structure that takes no time at all to put up, and it’s perfect for a larger patio space. 

Pergolas feature overhead coverage while open-air walls allow the breeze to filter through. You can choose from wood or metal structures, and the open slats are fun to fill in with vines and hanging planters.

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Sun shade sail

This is one of the easiest ways to score some shade. A shade sail is a triangular canopy that is lightweight and weatherproof. You can attach the corners anywhere, such as tree trunks, the roof, or wooden posts. Like umbrellas, they are easy to move around and store when not needed.


An arbor is similar to a pergola, except it’s more in the shape of an arch and typically found in gardens. Shrubs and trees provide the best natural shade though, so you can line your patio arbor with plenty of foliage to cool it down and create a whimsical setting.

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