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Boost Sustainability with Stone Landscaping

Stone landscaping is a great way to reduce water and energy consumption in the garden. It’s also low maintenance, making your life easier without sacrificing the joy of having a beautiful and unique yard design. 

In this blog post, we share 4 ways you can transform your garden and implement sustainable practices with stone landscaping.

Bring on the Stones & Boulders

From garden pebbles to crushed gravel, and large boulders, stones are superstars at reducing evaporation and effectively retaining moisture for a cooler environment.

Plus, there is so much you can do with river rocks. Garden pebble pathways are great for reducing water run-off when it rains. Crushed gravel acts like mulch for plant beds, except it lasts years compared to organic mulch. This helps to distribute moisture evenly.

Grey pebble tile flooring

Say ‘Yes’ to Mulch

Organic mulch is chock-full of nutrients that plants love, and can be combined with stones to create a beautiful landscape design. Use mulch to cover flower beds, reducing evaporation and minimizing weed growth

Mulch keeps the soil nice and cool, ensuring your plants have enough moisture to thrive without time spent watering them yourself.

Choosing the Best Plants

Drought tolerant plants require little maintenance and don’t need much water to be healthy. Also incorporate smaller plants into your landscape plan, as they also don’t need tons of water, at least less than larger shrubs and trees. 

Put Away the Weed Whacker

Lawn equipment such as lawn mowers, blowers, and weed whackers run on gasoline, which creates carbon emissions. Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels in the garden and increase sustainability without these tools!

If you use stones instead of grass for landscaping cover, you won’t need a lawn mower and you save precious weekend time that would otherwise be spent cutting grass. Weeding can be done by hand, getting you active and outdoors in the sunshine. 

A great way to recycle water is to set up a rain barrel. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area prone to drought.

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