Got a Squirrel Problem? Try These Tricks to Keep Them Out of Your Garden

Squirrels are a common sight in most North American yards. And, while they are cute with their big eyes and fluffy tails, they can also be quite annoying when it comes to destroying plants in the garden.

Maybe you’ve watched videos where homeowners set up elaborate traps and obstacle courses for squirrels because they can be difficult to outsmart. However, if you’re not up for building an elaborate booby trap, rest assured that there are plenty of other easy tricks to keep your garden squirrel-free. 

Take Away the Snacks

When free snacks are provided at a function, who wants to leave? The same can be said about squirrels. They love snacks, especially if you have bird feeders filled with scrumptious nuts and seeds.

Squirrel stealing from bird feeder

Take away the snacks, and the squirrels should vanish. But if you love your bird feeders and don’t want to sacrifice them, you’ll either have to make peace with the fluffy-tailed intruders or try another method of prevention. In other words, keep reading.

Build Barriers with Mesh or Garden Pebbles

If you build the right barriers, squirrels won’t want to tango. This is an effective method that is both easy to do yourself and humane. 

There are a few things you can try, such as installing motion-activated sprinklers that spring to life and spray the critters when they get too close. 

You can also try installing metal mesh or burlap around flower beds that make it difficult for squirrels to cross. However, this works best for smaller spaces. 

If you have potted plants that are getting dug up by squirrels, try layering landscaping stones on top to keep those pesky paws out. 


Call the Squirrel Man

Well technically there’s no squirrel man, but there are professionals who visit homes to capture rodents, pests, and other unwanted critters.

Make sure the company you choose is licensed and insured. Never try to catch the squirrel yourself, especially if it seems sick or aggressive. 

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