Above ground swimming pool

Easy Ideas to Landscape Around an Above Ground Swimming Pool

There’s no doubt that any type of swimming pool is clutch, especially with summer around the corner. But while there are many different styles, the humble above-ground swimming pool tends to get a slightly bad rap for being, well…less attractive than its in-ground cousin.

However, with creative landscaping, there is always a way to turn drab to fab. In this blog post, we share some of our favorite ideas to turn your above-ground pool into a fabulous backyard oasis.

1. Add a border

Sometimes all it takes is a nice, clean-cut border to add the pizzazz an above-ground pool needs to shine. 

You can make the border out of anything, from wood to plastic or stone. But one of the easiest ways to make a border is by measuring out the dimensions and filling the border with landscaping pebbles or mulch.

Not only do decorative stones and mulch look attractive, but these materials also improve drainage in the area.

Make sure you steer clear of the mechanical equipment and ensure that the border is built at least a foot away from the bottom track of the pool. 

Plant some shrubs, add a few lounge chairs, and you’ve got a five-star setup!

2. Build a walkway

If you don’t have a walkway leading from the pool to the house, then you can already imagine the mayhem as the kids track mud and grass everywhere. This can be prevented by building a walkway.

A walkway is easy to make on your own, and you can get creative with the materials you want to use. Stones are effortless to install and they last for years with very little maintenance required. 

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3. Build an entire outdoor entertainment center

You don’t have to stop at a border. Add onto the area with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit area, or deck. 

You can plant trees for a lush jungle effect, but be careful not to plant trees too close to the pool or you may have trouble with roots growing into the equipment down the road.

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