Stone edging along a driveway

5 Benefits of Stone Edging for Landscaping

Installing edging in your yard is an easy way to enhance the overall aesthetic of landscaping and create an organized, clean look that screams curb appeal. 

There are a variety of materials you can use to get the job done, but landscaping stones or river rocks offer innumerable benefits that extend beyond just looking so darn good. 

Here’s why…

1. Protects against the elements

When the rain pours down it negatively impacts your flowerbeds by loosening soil and mulch, causing them to run and create a messy situation. Edging stones or garden rocks are efficient as a barrier that keeps these materials intact.

2. Roots stay in place

Just like with soil and mulch, stone edging helps keep plant roots growing where they should- within the confines of the flowerbeds. You won’t have to worry about sneaky roots creeping out and through your pebble pathway or through cracks in your driveway.

Stone edging along a pond

3. Landscape maintenance is easier

With stone edging holding down your garden, maintenance tasks such as watering, weeding, and mowing become less of a chore. As you mow or weed, flowers and shrubs are protected against accidental chopping and they help prevent moisture from puddling, so certain areas of your yard don’t get overwatered.

4. Enhances driveways and garden pebble or gravel walkways

Stone edging is an excellent option to create a distinct transition between your yard and driveway or walkway. That’s because it minimizes the drop-off when stepping from the driveway into your yard, increasing safety- especially when you’re trying to navigate your property in the dark.

Furthermore, the distinct lines help embellish plain driveways, for instance, if you have a black paved or gray concrete surface. Stone edging instantly boosts the aesthetic and creates a more attractive, detailed appearance. 

5. There are many patterns and sizes to choose from

Garden pebbles, river rocks, and gravel come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, so no matter what your creative vision is for your landscaping, there’s bound to be a stone that ties it all together. You can even use pebbles to edge a concrete patio or swimming pool- the uses for pebbles are endless!

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