Don’t Know What to do With Your Side Yard?

Do you have a side yard? This often-overlooked “no man’s land” separates your property from the neighbor’s property, and if you have a sizeable area, then you might be wondering what to do with it.

Many people opt to keep the side yard bare, with the shadow of a towering privacy fence being the only resident.

However, there’s no reason why it needs to be this way. If you want to revamp your side yard, we’ve got the best garden product tips right here!

Make a pebble garden pathway

The side yard is a prime location to construct an attractive garden pathway, giving visitors a safe guide to getting from the front yard to the backyard, especially in the dark.

You can design your own pathway using landscaping stones or gravel. These naturally sourced pebbles come in all shapes and colors, so you can get as creative as you desire to tie your landscape aesthetic together with finesse.

Install a compost bin

This typically shaded, hidden area of the yard is perfect for a compost bin! Build your own wooden box to hold your compost materials and let it work its organic magic over time, out of sight.

Set up a plant potting table

Another creative way to use this space is to set up a table or bench where you can pot plants. Add outdoor storage to organize your gardening supplies and work in the shade!

Cover up trash cans

Do you store your trash cans and recycle bins on the side of the house? This is the perfect area to build a simple trash can enclosure from wood, so you can hide those unsightly plastic bins from view.

Red vines climb up a wall

Bring on the vines

The side yard is the perfect area to pursue vertical gardening because you have the wall of your house to play with.

Post up a trellis or wire panel and plant low-light vines, such as clematis, hydrangea, or climbing roses. 

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