Gravel patio with container plants

How to Build a Trendy Budget Patio

Can we let you in on a little secret?

You don’t need a deep pocketbook to build a stylish patio from scratch.

Whether you have a small outdoor space or are on a tight budget, but dreaming of a comfortable patio area to chill, there are plenty of creative ways to get your design on without splurging! We’ve got you covered, with 3 basic budget patio ideas in our post.

Use gravel or landscaping stones for flooring

You don’t have to pay professionals to come in and lay down a concrete or wood deck for your patio. Instead, go the low-cost route and buy a few bags of gravel or river rocks. 

The benefits are hard to resist. Not only do you save by being able to lay pebbles down yourself, but you can create any size or shape area since all you do is fill in the area with the stones.

Tahiti Green Pebble Tile

And that’s not all! Gravel is an all-natural option that won’t disrupt your landscaping. Stones come in numerous shapes, colors, and patterns, so you can have fun mixing and matching according to your taste.

Finally, river rocks are low maintenance. Once they’re installed, you won’t have to do much upkeep and they last for years.

Pebble tile flooring

If you already have a concrete slab in your yard but want to give it a makeover, then pebble tile flooring is a trendy option that you can install by yourself without hiring a professional. 

This type of flooring consists of standard-sized mesh tiles that are covered with garden pebbles. They’re held in place with grout, which fills the spaces between the stones to create a neutral color floor with smooth stones that are slightly raised for texture. 

You can learn how to install pebble tile here.

Pallet furniture on a patio

Pallet furniture

Pallets burst onto the design scene in recent years due to how cheap and versatile they are for DIY projects. 

For patios, pallets can be used to make furniture that is rustic and practical. It sure beats dishing out for expensive ready-made furniture!

You can break down pallets and build as you please or use them as is. We love the idea of laying pallets on the ground over a large rug, then covering them with cushions and throw pillows. It creates a low-to-the-ground lounge feel as if you’re sipping mint tea at an oasis in Morocco.

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