How to Make Your Backyard More Private

Do you live in an urban dwelling where the garden space is small? Or do you seek a more intimate, private outdoor living area?

It’s easy to up the privacy with a few simple landscaping tricks. We tell you how to do it in our guide!

Container garden

One of the easiest (and prettiest) ways to add a bit of privacy to your outdoor living area is to landscape with container plants. Layer them on stairs and strategically place them around a swimming pool or deck. 

Use different-sized planters and decorate them with garden pebbles or gravel to tie in the aesthetic while creating coverage.

Install a hedge

If you aren’t worried about budgeting, a faux hedge can be installed for low maintenance privacy. Faux hedges come in all different sizes and materials, with soundproofing options to boost the privacy factor even more.

Trellis with climbing plants

A trellis is easy to construct on your own, so you can make it as high and wide as you like to fit any space where privacy is desired. Climbing plants will quickly travel up the trellis, adding more coverage as time goes by.

However, even if you don’t want to wait for vines to do their thing, the trellis will add minimal privacy.


This is a versatile way to enhance the landscaping of your backyard while making it more private. Go all out and hang mobiles, climbing vines, and planters from the pergola.

You can place a fire pit in the center for socializing, with potted plants and landscaping stone pathways for a beautiful finish.

Plant a real hedge

If a faux hedge isn’t up your alley, consider planting a real hedge instead. Carefully choose the plant variety, taking growth height and maintenance into consideration. 

Plan the beds out with organic soil, mulch, or gravel to keep the hedges nourished with proper drainage.

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