What is Fire Glass?

What do you think about when you hear the words Fire Glass? Perhaps you think of dragons, whirling orange flames, or magic. Actually, all those things are true when it comes to this garden product..well, except for maybe the dragons!

What is Fire Glass?

Yellow Landscape Glass

Yellow Landscape Glass

Fire Glass is a decorative piece of glass that has been tempered to withstand extremely high temperatures in a fireplace or fire pit. It comes in all sorts of shapes and colors and is ordered in bulk.

This beautiful glass can look like many things: shimmering shards with jagged edges or smooth, round translucent stones. Whatever your outdoor living area design calls for, there is a color and texture of fire glass to match.

Is Fire Glass Safe?

One of the biggest benefits of Fire Glass is how straightforward it is to use. These natural glass pieces don’t emit any byproducts or odors. In fact, they are manufactured out of recycled glass!

Fire glass undergoes a special treatment so it can safely come in contact with fire. It won’t explode, melt, soot, or warp in any way.

How Does Fire Glass Work?

Another benefit of Fire Glass is how easy and functional it is to install. You can layer it on a gas fire pit to hide the mechanical parts, add it to planters, ponds, garden walkways, and more. There are no hard rules with Fire Glass- get creative and layer it where you see it.

You can start enjoying the aesthetic pleasure of Fire Glass immediately. Since it’s often used with a fire pit, just layer it on and turn up the heat. 

The flames rise up around the mound of glass like the fire is dancing. It’s hypnotizing to watch, like a magical artistic display.

Maintenance is also a breeze. Fire Glass lasts for years, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it unless you want to switch up the colors.

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