A Guide to Mexican Beach Pebble Sizes for Your Garden

Shopping for the best Mexican beach pebbles to enhance the beauty of your yard can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the different sizes available.

That’s right: these smooth, shiny pebbles come in four different size categories, so no matter what type of landscaping project you’ve got going on, you can choose the perfect size to complete your vision.

So back to the big question- what size landscaping stones do you need?

In this post, we cover the four main Mexican beach pebble sizes and the types of garden projects for which they are best suited.

Mexican Beach Pebbles- 0.5”

These are the smallest pebbles of the bunch at just 0.5 inches in diameter. They’re smooth and come in a dark gray to black color that makes it minimalistic and natural to blend with any design scheme.

Rain Forest Grey Mexican Beach Pebbles

These small stones are popular for making mosaics, or for decorative purposes to cover the soil in planters or line swimming pools. This size is also the best choice for filling in pebble garden pathways, as they are easier to step on compared to large, rounded stones.

Mexican Beach Pebbles- 0.5” to 1.5”

Although these pebbles are still considered to be small, they are slightly larger and rounder than 0.5” landscaping stones.

This size is ideal for walking paths if you’re not keen on extra small pebbles and want something with a bit more texture and contrast against your landscape. We don’t recommend going any larger than this for paths, as anything larger can trip you up. 

This size is also suitable for covering small areas to place garden furniture or to cover exposed tree roots.

Mexican Beach Pebbles- 1” to 2”

This is the most popular pebble size, giving homeowners a versatile stone that is large enough to accent flowerbeds, without being too large to overwhelm the landscape.

Black pebbles used to make a pathway

These pebbles are easy to maintain, and you can use a leaf blower to clean up loose debris without the stones tumbling away. This size is also perfect for art projects, such as painting pebbles for unique keepsakes.

Use these beautiful stones to outline flowerbeds, ponds, build rock gardens, or improve irrigation.

Mexican Beach Pebbles- 2” to 3”

Larger landscaping stones are perfect for covering bigger areas of your yard, primarily for decorative purposes. They can also be used to outline driveways, ponds, and to create natural-looking drainage systems. 

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    Thank you for helping me to understand that stones can be used to cover up tree roots. This spring, I am going to be planting more trees in my yard. It seems like it would be a good idea for me to get some decorative stones that can make the tree look even better.

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