4 Reasons Why it’s Better to Order Garden Products in Bulk

Whether you help manage properties, run a landscaping business, or work for HOA, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your clients or community’s landscapes is important!

But who has time to run to big box stores and haul heavy bags of mulch, soil, and other essential garden products to stay on top of all of that outdoor maintenance?

The solution? You can always order in bulk from a reputable garden supplies provider. Here are the benefits your HOA will enjoy when you choose this route!

1. The products will match

Rain Forest Rainbow Pebbles

Rain Forest Rainbow Pebbles

It takes time to visit a big batch store and pile bags of different mulches, soils, and garden pebbles into a cart, only to start using them and discover the colors and textures are slightly off.

When you order one large batch then you won’t have to worry about matching. Plus, an expert can help you figure out how much you’ll actually need so you won’t have to guess and end up running out of mulch halfway through your project!

2. You may save money

When you buy in bulk, chances are you’ll save more money than if you were to buy a bunch of separate bags.

3. Ask about delivery and avoid hauling it yourself

Buying directly from a supplier means you don’t have to plan your day around driving to a big box store and hauling heavy supplies back to your property, lifting them out of your car one by one. 

Instead, many suppliers offer delivery, so you can focus on other important matters and let the mulch and soil come to you!

4. High-quality garden supplies

One of the perks of ordering in bulk is that you can count on better quality, which your Home Owners Association will appreciate. At big box stores, you don’t know how long soil and mulch have been sitting in the bags. Sometimes it can be dry or even moldy. When you order in bulk, it arrives fresh and ready for your garden.

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