Closeup photo of pool edge which decorated with pebbles

Tips for Constructing a Pebble Tile Swimming Pool

Thinking about installing an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard? There are many factors to consider when choosing pool tile options and the overall design, especially when it comes to durability, functionality, and weather impact.

Of course, you want it to look good, too. From concrete to tile and cascading stone waterfalls, the possibilities are endless.

But one trend that is on the uptick is pebble tile swimming pools. They offer a unique texture that embraces minimalism and blends seamlessly with nature without sacrificing luxury.

But first…

What is a pebble tile?

Gray pebble tile

The base of a pebble tile is a square piece of netting. This square is adorned with smooth landscaping stones that are closely packed together to hide the netting from view. When installed, grout is used to fill in the gaps between each pebble, cover the netting, and keep the pebbles firmly in place. The end result is a hard floor covered in smooth, raised stones.

Are pebble tile swimming pools comfortable?

There’s always the question of whether stepping on a pebble tile pool finish feels good on the footsies. 

To be honest, It might feel a little strange at first, but pebble tiles have actually been shown to soften the soles of the feet over time. Think of it as a deep tissue foot massage working out all the kinks from being on your feet all day!

What are the benefits of pebble stone swimming pools?

These little pebble tiles offer many benefits, including…

  • They are relatively easy and affordable to install
  • Garden pebble tiles hold up well against the elements
  • Pebble tiles come in all sorts of colors and patterns
  • The stones used are naturally sourced from beaches and riverbeds all over the world
  • You can choose from a wide range of pebble sizes 

Pebble tile pool steps

How can I incorporate pebble tiles into my swimming pool design?

One of the beautiful things about pebble tiles is how versatile they are for design purposes. Installation is also pretty easy, and many people opt to do it themselves (although a professional is a good idea for swimming pools since there are wires, cables, and pipes to deal with).

Basically, there is no hard rule regarding how to use them. Many people will choose pebble tile flooring for the bottom of the pool. It gives off a natural, beachy look. Some will go with a smooth floor, but decorate the walls with pebble tiles.

You can also opt for a pebble stone pool finish by covering the entire paved pool area and adorn it with plants for an even more natural look that blends effortlessly with your grass line.

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