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These Clever Landscaping Apps Let You Reimagine Your Yard

We’re all trying to get outside more in order to detox from technology, but in 2021 the two are aligning to help homeowners bring their landscape projects to life.

It’s fun to dream, especially where exterior design is concerned. Whether you’ve just moved into your new home or have been wanting to revamp your yard’s appearance, there are plenty of free garden apps for download, boasting savvy features that let you get as creative as your heart desires.

Now, you can play around with landscaping right from your smartphone- no costly garden consultations required. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of our favorites that you should check out ASAP!

1. iScape

  • In a nutshell: 3D module for plant placement in your yard
  • System: iOS
  • Cost: Free

iScape is a fun little app that keeps it simple but in a “larger than life” kind of way. Basically, you snap a photo of your yard with your smartphone or iPad. Then, you can choose from numerous simulated plants on the app to create a 3D landscape simulation. 


2. Microsoft Pix Camera

  • In a nutshell: Utilizes Microsoft’s popular Photosynth tech
  • System: iOS
  • Cost: Free

Get more out of your 3D landscape design with Microsoft’s Pix Camera. After adding their fan fave Photosynth technology to the Pix app, garden nuts can design their ideal outdoor living area without leaving the couch. It offers a full panorama view of your yard, so you feel like you’re right there with a bag of garden pebbles in hand.

3. Patio Design

  • In a nutshell: Let’s you choose from thousands of images to create an outdoor living area
  • System: Android
  • Cost: Free

Is your backyard looking a bit bare? You might be ready to tackle your next home project by designing a sweet outdoor living area, and the Patio Design app is the perfect place to start. This app lets you choose from a diverse selection of stylish images, including fire pits, fireplaces, planters, patio furniture, and more. New images are added to the app’s library regularly.

4. Houzz

  • In a nutshell: Multi-purpose tool for interior and exterior home design
  • System: iOS
  • Cost: Free

You know what they say- go big or go home. That’s exactly what the highly popular Houzz app strives for, with a full-fledged design palette that lets you choose from a multitude of high res images to design your dream home from the inside out. It goes a step further by recommending contractors and landscapers in your area. It also sends tips, newsletters, and updates on the latest garden trends.

5. Pinterest

  • In a nutshell: Let’s you browse, save and categorize internet images to create a mood board
  • System: iOS, Android
  • Cost: Free

Pinterest has become a common online tool to inspire, no matter what you’re interested in. For outdoor design, it couldn’t be a better place to scroll through a treasure trove of tasteful images, blog posts, and social channels. You can find it all, from fire pits to Fire glass, landscaping stones to outdoor living designs, and more.

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