How to Protect Your Fire Pit From the Elements

Rain, snow, and humidity can take a toll on your fire pit. There’s nothing more disheartening than bounding outside to enjoy a blazing fire, only to discover a muddy, wet disaster to clean up.

It may have you wondering about the durability of your fire pit. Luckily, fire pits are built to last, manufactured from tough materials, such as copper and steel. Depending on where you live, harsh environments can speed up wear and tear, making it essential to protect your beloved pit.

Here’s how you take care of your fire pit for years of cherished use.

Checking the drainage

Some regions are subject to high temperatures, humidity, and lots of rain. If your region experiences frequent rainfall, it’s important that your fire pit has a drainage component

First, check the make and model of your fire pit. Many companies have already included drainage in the design.

If your pit does not feature it, it’s an easy DIY. You can simply drill a few holes in the burner pan. Make sure to incorporate a drain below the burner pan, so water doesn’t pool underneath the fire pit.

If your fire pit is sitting on top of grass or an uncovered area, place paver bricks underneath the legs to keep it lifted above any pooling rainwater.

A beautiful poolside fire pit

Protect your fire pit from sea air

You might enjoy that relaxing sea breeze if you live on the coast, but your fire pit (and any metal equipment for that matter) is NOT a fan. 

The salty air speeds up degradation, making it essential to protect your fire pit by storing it inside a shed or garage. 

You can also spread a light (very light!) layer of cooking oil over exposed metal parts with a damp paper towel to help combat rusting.

Invest in a quality fire pit cover

One of the best ways you can fight wear and tear is by investing in a quality, UV, and waterproof cover to fully protect your fire pit when not in use. 

Once again, it’s best to keep your fire pit indoors or sheltered, but a cover will also protect it from dust, dirt, and leaves.

How to maintain your fire pit

Just like your car, taking care of your fire pit will keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.

At least once a month, check for rust spots and treat the affected areas with a chemical rust dissolver. You can also sand it down with a bit of steel wool. 

Finally, repaint and re-seal the spots for an extra barrier of protection from moisture.

Don’t forget that preventative measures go a long way, too. Here’s how you can stop rust before it starts.

  • Check the forecast before using your fire pit
  • Clean it out regularly 
  • Store it during the wettest months
  • Inspect it for rust on a regular basis

Pro Tip: Avoid the hassle of constantly dealing with ash, by investing in a gas-powered fire pit. This type burns clean and doesn’t produce smoke or ash.

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