A group of friends have Thanksgiving outside

3 Tips to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Your Backyard This Year

Have you ever thought about celebrating Thanksgiving outside? It’s a unique way to jazz up this traditional annual feast, especially if you have a spiffy outdoor kitchen or new patio furniture that you’ve been keen to use.

Plus, since the coronavirus pandemic has made large indoor gatherings risky, there are other holiday celebration options to lower risks, as outlined by the CDC. An outdoor or virtual Thanksgiving makes the list!

Truth be told, stuffing your face with turkey in your backyard isn’t that much different from doing it at the dining table. There are a few tips and tricks though to make it more comfortable for your guests, especially if it’s chilly. We’ve got 3 of our favorite ideas right here.

Make it cozy

You’ll want to keep a close eye on the weather to ensure a day spent feasting outdoors is comfortable for your guests. 

Lay a few chunky throws over chairs and sofas. Invest in portable space heaters that are gas-powered for instant, clean-burning warmth. If rain is expected, consider setting up a large canopy for shelter. Don’t be afraid to add more cushions or you can get creative by setting up a hot chocolate bar.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have patio furniture, you can still make a beautiful, cozy set up on the ground! Go nomadic with a thick outdoor rug, oversized floor pillows, and wooden pallets transformed into low tables.

Gas powered fire pit set up outdoors

Say YES to the fire pit

A firepit is a worthwhile investment no matter the season. It’s the ultimate centerpiece for outdoor entertainment, and if you go with a gas-powered fire pit then it’s super easy to maintain and enjoy without that stinky smoke smell. 

For Thanksgiving, make sure your fire pit is set up with safety in mind. Keep low hanging objects, like tree branches or curtains, at least 10 feet away from the fire. 

Pro Tip: Layer Fire Glass on your gas fire pit to create a magical ambiance. Guests will love sitting around the fire, watching the flames play upon the shimmery glass pieces. It’s an easy decorative touch that can be used for years to come.

A basket of painted garden pebbles

Make it fun

Don’t forget the entertainment for your outdoor Thanksgiving celebration! Even in the backyard you can play games and get everyone up and moving as they wait for the food. 

You can set up stations if entertainment is a priority or there will be a lot of time before the food is served. Here are some easy DIY ideas.

  • Cornhole
  • An outdoor projector to play Thanksgiving marathons and movies
  • Frisbees, balls, badminton, croquette
  • Painting pumpkins or garden pebbles (great for kids)
  • Have guests contribute to the dining table centerpiece
  • Have guests share what they are thankful for
  • Card games
  • Board games
  • Offer guests disposable cameras to take candid pictures during the day, then make photo books once the film is developed.

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