Here’s What to do With Those Leftover Garden Pebbles

Do you have a big bag of leftover garden pebbles sitting in your shed? There are so many creative uses for river stones, but after your current project is completed, you may be left with a bunch of beautiful stones and 0 ideas regarding what to do with them.

No worries, I’ll help you out! Clear out your shed and make your outdoor living space even more beautiful with these unique and tasteful pebble projects.

Pebble mosaic

2020 is by far and large the year to soothe the soul with at-home DIY projects. Pebble mosaics are a fun, easy way to turn out a professional-looking masterpiece that will use up leftover garden pebbles in a snap. Start by planning your design– you can turn anything into a mosaic, from a walkway to a sitting area. Follow this step-by-step guide to make your pebble mosaic.

Gravel patio

Landscaping stones come in all shapes and sizes. If you used small gravel stones and have a bag leftover, how about crafting a small patio area with a stone gravel floor? This type of DIY patio doesn’t need to be fancy. Select a tranquil area in your backyard, such as under a shady tree. Layer the gravel evenly, then place a tea table and a couple of chairs on top of the gravel. It’s perfect for enjoying a drink with a friend!

Create walking paths

This idea comes in handy if you have several bags of leftover pebbles and highly trafficked areas of the yard that are showing unsightly bare spots. Create a network of paths by layering pebbles on top of the barest areas. Now, guests have a guided walkway to navigate your yard. Add solar lights along the edges for easy and safe nighttime treading.

Zen garden

Use your extra landscaping stones to combat stress and anxiety by creating an easy Zen garden or Japanese rock garden. Fill a wooden rectangular box with sand and adorn it with your favorite stones and glass (Fire Glass works great for this). Finish off your Zen garden with a small wooden rake, then place it on your outdoor dining table, coffee table, or fire pit.

Pebble backsplash

Pebble tile backsplashes are becoming a popular design element in outdoor areas, but you can achieve the same effect by using your leftover garden pebbles. Create a backsplash in your outdoor kitchen, bar area, or outdoor shower.

Potted plants

When in doubt, use those garden pebbles to top off your container plants. This improves drainage, retains moisture, thwarts weeds, and looks attractive instead of plain soil. An age-old landscaping trick is to use garden stones to cover exposed tree roots

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