Brick edging on a lawn

4 Simply Beautiful DIY Stone Edging Ideas

There are so many fun little details to think about when designing your dream backyard. Besides picking out the best plants and creating flower beds, you can add practical touches that really make a yard stand out.

Stone edging is one of these decorating details. By lining walkways and beds, you define the outlines of your landscaping in a neat, organized way. 

The great thing about stone edging is that it can be as budget-friendly as you wish, and it’s easy enough to DIY. All you need is a plan, some imagination, and the material of your choosing.

In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite stone edging designs to get you creating!

Brick garden edging


  • Versatile
  • Weather-proof
  • Minimal labor


  • Can be expensive

Brick is a traditional material that has been used for garden edging for decades. It’s abundant, comes in neutral colors, and lasts for years, from one harsh season to another. If you’re looking for minimal work and a timeless design that goes with just about anything, brick is always a winner.

A group of Quahog seashells

Quahog Seashells

Seashell garden edging


  • Unique look
  • Can collect them for free if you live near the beach
  • Weather-proof


  • If you don’t live near the beach, you’ll have to purchase a bag of shells

Living near the beach and want your yard to showcase your nautical side? Seashells are a unique way to edge your lawn using natural decor that comes in different shapes and sizes. A popular choice for a large, strong shell is the quahog.

Rain Forest Rosa Beach Pebbles

Garden pebbles or river stones


  • Weatherproof
  • A diverse selection of styles
  • Easy DIY
  • Low maintenance


  • Unless you’ve been collecting stones from your travels, you’ll have to purchase a bag (but, these stones do last for years!)

If you’re wondering how to use stones in your garden, edging is the solution. These pebbles are collected from rivers and beaches worldwide, tumbled until they’re smooth to the touch. You have complete flexibility when you choose landscaping stones because there are so many colors and sizes that allow you to coordinate your design just the way you want. 

Blue Hawaii Landscape Glass

Fire glass garden edging


  • Unique and exquisite
  • Weatherproof and heat tempered
  • Easy DIY


  • Will have to purchase 

Fire glass is popular with fire pits or fireplaces, but did you know that you can also use this shimmery glass to edge your yard? Give your garden a serious pop of color and texture by lining flower beds, patios, pools, or stepping stones with fire glass!


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