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5 Design Ideas to Create a Beautiful Outdoor Bar

Want to turn your backyard into the place to be? With a smashing outdoor bar, your friends, family, and neighbors will promptly be heading over for happy hour and to unwind in the great outdoors.

Constructing an outdoor bar isn’t as tough as you may think, especially when it comes to design and decor. If you are getting the blueprints together for your outdoor bar and need some inspo, look no further! We’ve got you covered.

Open & Airy

If the outdoor living area of your home is extensive and you have an outdoor kitchen, deck, etc. then an open-air bar could be a good design choice for you. Set it up in conjunction with your kitchen, complete with bar stools for a diner-style setup. That way, you already have access to the fridge, kegerator, grill, and other supplies within easy reach to serve guests over the bar top.

Easy DIY Pallet Bar

If you don’t have much space and are working with a small budget, the good news is that you can still have an outdoor bar! Pallets come in handy to make a tall standing bar that is lightweight and functional. Add wheels to the bottom for easy portability. Another plus about pallets is that you can get as creative as you want with the design and sizing.

Outdoor kitchen and bar

Make it unique

There are many simple design elements you can incorporate for BIG style appeal. Turn one end of the bar into a mini gas-powered fire pit. If you layer mesmerizing fire glass on top, it looks decorative and hides any mechanical parts. At night, guests can chill at the bar with a glowing flame dancing upon the glass.

And, you’ll be surprised about what a bag of garden river pebbles can do. Spruce up the flooring. If you have a tile floor, fill in the edges with stones, or outline your sitting area with large, smooth landscaping stones. 

Pebble tile flooring is also a great flooring choice if you’re going for an earthy, zen look.


Here’s another great idea for budget bar-makers. If you have an old wooden door lying around or can find a corrugated steel roof sheet, these materials are great for constructing a bar. Not only do you recycle items that would’ve ended up in the landfill, but you create a totally eclectic outdoor home design that no one else can mimic.


Then, there’s the classic tiki bar! Not only does this add a tropical, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” kind of feel, but this is a convenient option that also appeals to small backyard spaces. You can build your own, or go for a portable setup that comes with a wheeled bar, fold-up chairs, and a tiki umbrella.

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